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Terms and Conditions

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If you place an order ,you automatically agree to all our terms and conditions so please go through their details to not feel misguided later.

Shipping Policy

Our policy of shipping comprises of deliveries made with the help of courier services.There will be no delivery charges for order placed within US. However , order placed outside of it will have to pay adiitional duties and taxes along with delivery charges.You will be alerted about the confirmation about your package within 1-3 working days after sending it to processing.Delivery will occur within a time frame of 5-7 for people in the US and 10-15 days for those outside of US.Feel free to contact us in case the delivery extends the time frame listed above.

Payment Methods

Payment for our online purchases can be made through the help of Paypal, Visa and a Master Card.Taxes are included in all of the prices listed, and we promise to keep your information private and protected.

Promise Of Quality

We have put in place firm measures that allow us to make sure that the quality of our product is top-notch. However ,unfortunately ,if you have had to suffer through receiving a damaged product , we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible so we can reimburse you or exchange the product for you.

Product Explanation

It is to be started that there is a chance that the products you receive may not be 100% identical to the ones shown in images. However ,we make sure that we do everything to deliver the products as they had been viewed by our audience.Still, we hold privileges to have minor changes.

Obtainability of Products

Product availability depends on the tenure of the stock.It is also to be noted that the products under discount or on sale will remain there for a very limited period.

Deviations and Adjustment

The company has all the rights to change our policy whenever we please.However, we wish for our clients always to keep themselves updated on these policies.

Website Accessibility

Urban Leather Jacket is available around the clock on online platforms and has a team of hard-working people that are always ready to help our customers with any of their problems .Do not hesitate to contact us.

Note:It is to be stated that an individual might see the coloring of our products differently due to the way they are made as well as the coloring setting on their computer.
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