Clint Barton Jeremy Renner Avengers Hawkeye Costume Long Coat


With the help of our professional team of designers, we have made this Clint Barton Jeremy Renner Hawkeye costume long coat from the movie Avengers. It’s handcrafted with high attention to detail and high-quality standards at every phase of design have been ensured. This coat features the best leather quality with some exceptional features and stylish looks. LJM brings to you this coat at the best price with perfect features. The coat is made of leather material with eye-catching shades of color. There are other practical features in the coat like zip pockets and front zip closure. On the sleeves, padding details and straps add a surge of urgency and thrill to this piece of clothing.

This apparel redefines your style statement, makes you look so bold, and brings out the best in you. This is the perfect coat to wear while cosplaying the character, at a costume party, or on a casual day in the city.

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Cotton, Faux Leather, Real Leather(+$40), Suede Leather(+$50), Velvet(+$15), Wool(+$10)


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